Flora Theatre


Penna San Giovanni

The theatre in Penna San Giovanni constitutes an extraordinary testimony to 18th century theatre architecture as it is the only theatre auditorium made entirely in wood left in the province of Macerata and one of the few in the whole of Italy. This major work by the Penna San Giovanni artist Antonio Liozzi, was built around 1870 inside the Priors’ Palace. Today both the structure and the period decoration are still perfectly conserved, with the horseshoe plan and two tiers of boxes supported by columns painted in faux marble motifs and hexagonal bases. The ceiling is painted in an elegant polychromatic scene at the centre of which there is a portrayal of the goddess Flora against a blue sky. Every box is surmounted by a festoon of flowers and is embellished by a Baroque scroll that decorates the parapet. This small but exceptionally beautiful theatre represents a precious jewel of exceptional historical and artistic value.