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Apollo Theatre

The construction of the theatre in Mogliano came about due to an initiative by the local nobility in 1838. The work was carried out by Luciano Luciani, to a design by his father Francesco. The structure, by Feliciano Seri and decorated by Paolo Latini, was entirely in wood, with a horseshoe plan and three tiers of boxes. The auditorium was opened in 1844, whilst the façade was completed in 1871 when, following the demolition of the houses in front, the building then overlooked the town square. In 1880 the interior was finely decorated and furnished, including a bas-relief works by Luca Seri on the pillars of the proscenium and the ceiling by the celebrated artist Luigi Fontana who portrayed Apollo, after whom the theatre is named, and the Graces surrounded by medallions showing famous musicians. In 1907 a sagging truss caused the collapse of the roof after which a series of events led to the progressive transformation and then total abandonment of the theatre, which has recently been returned to its original splendour after a challenging restoration project.