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Fondazione Mori – Historical Museum of Harness Racing


Civitanova Marche

The Mori Foundation, founded thanks to the passion of Captain Ermanno Mori, is associated with the Historical Museum of Harness Racing, located at the San Marrone Stud Farm in Civitanova Marche near the  horseracing track.
The museum presents a rich collection of various types of memorabilia, documents, artworks and objects from all over Italy and beyond, relating to harness racing from its origins until modern times.
There are period posters, rare items that refer to historic figures in the world of harness racing, such as drivers, breeders and owners, documents that enable visitors to retrace the glorious days of champions such as Varenne, statutes and regulations of the first horse racing bodies.
Alongside the museum there is also the library with collections of photographs, publications, magazines and other documentation, all accessible to the public, which regard the world of horse racing from the 19th century to the present day.
Additionally, there are various other artworks (paintings, sculpture and graphic art) by important 20th century artists, such as Tulli, Baiocco, Capozucca, Ciarrocchi, and the cartoonist Altan, as well as a collection of votive offerings linked to horse iconography.
A separate mention is also deserved for the documentation regarding the “bridled horses” that in the past were used to draw carriages, also for the postal services.