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The event, set in the town centre of Tolentino and the nearby Rancia Castle, re-evokes the highlights of the battle between the royal Neapolitan forces of Gioacchino Murat and those of the Austrian empire commanded by Baron Federico Bianchi, which was fought on 2 and 3 May 1815. It is considered by many historians as the first battle for the independence of Italy. Many places in the province saw other bloody conflicts, in particular, apart from the Tolentino area, Cantagallo Hill at Pollenza and the town of Macerata, headquarters of Murat’s army. The Neapolitan troops, who initially seemed to have the upper hand, were forced to retreat by the Austrian soldiers, who had a numerical advantage. Every year for two days, in the first weekend of May, Tolentino 815 revives this piece of military history, including a reconstruction of the historical encampment at the Parco Isola d’Istria and the re-evocation of the battle in Piazza Maurizi. There are also scenes of social life, such as the Grand Royal Gala in Piazza della Libertà that recalls the sumptuous festivities of a 19th century ball. In addition, the event also includes a high level cultural programme with meetings, exhibitions, conferences, book presentations and concerts.