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This event recalls the passage of troops at the service of Maria Teresa of Austria in 1744 who, while crossing the Papal States on their way to Naples to repel the Spanish influence in the Kingdom, stayed in the Mogliano area for about one month. The inhabitants’ initial fears, based on reports of looting and abuse, soon turned into a relaxed and festive coexistence which ended with a sumptuous procession that was organised when the soldiers had to move on. The Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, as a sign of gratitude for the hospitality extended to the Austrians, elevated Mogliano in an ordinance to the rank of town and assured it protection against the risks associated with any future transit of soldiers. This historical re-evocation provides an opportunity to relive those events, recreating the splendour of the 18th century, a time of luxury and frivolity but also of great intellectual ferment, inasmuch as it came to be known as the Age of Enlightenment. Among the aspects of period life that are on display, apart from fine clothes, ancient trades and popular dances, there is the Flag Race, a relay race run by the five teams that represent the town districts of Santa Caterina, San Gregorio, Santa Maria, San Michele and San Nicolò.