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The Corsa alla Spada, an ancient tradition held on the feast day of the town’s patron saint, the martyr San Venanzio, was revived in 1982 by a group of volunteers who wanted to add some cheer to the otherwise solemn liturgigal celebrations with a little more worldly fun. The contest, whose rules are contained in the Statuta populi civitatis Camerini and are quoted in the essay Ancient Folklore at the Patron Saint’s Day of San Venanzio at Camerino published by Giacomo Boccanera in 1954, dates back to the period of great splendour of the Lords and Ladies of Camerino, in other words, the Renaissance, especially the 15th century. The town is divided into terzieri (Muralto, Di Mezzo and Sossalta) each of which has 10 athletes who run about 1,500 metres through the streets of the town centre in order to win the sword, the supreme symbol of chivalry and the great adventurers like Da Varano, awarded to the winner, and the red velvet Palio, bestowed upon the winning team. The event, that dominates the town for a whole week, starts with the evocative ceremony of the Offering of the Candles held the night before the 18 May, the eve of the patron saint’s day, and takes place the following Sunday, preceded by a sumptuous Renaissance procession of over 500 participants.