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With the historical re-enactment of Contesa della Margutta, every year since 1996 the town of Corridonia relives the ancient splendours of the medieval-Renaissance period and brings back and safeguards the memory of its own past. It is a revival of an equestrian event that took place in the town that was previously known as Montolmo (and before that Pausola) and takes its name from a crude “saracino” with female features that was hoisted in the main square during fairs and markets for public amusement. Horsemen belonging to the various town districts (Porta Sejano, Porta del Mulino, Porta Romana, Porta Santa Croce, Porta San Donato and Colbuccaro) strike the effigy trying to hit the centre of the target and thereby score the most points in order to win the coveted Palio. The jousting is preceded by a sumptuous procession of about 500 characters in period costume and consists of an entire week of games, dances, music, costumes and popular traditions which all contribute to creating an evocative atmosphere.