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The Cingoli 1848 event, that takes place on the third Sunday of August, revolves around the ancient game of pallone al bracciale*, which was a popular sport during the 19th century. The challenge is contended by three teams, each representing a terziero or a third of the town of Cingoli, according to a division made in the 14th century, each of which came to be known by the saints’ names of the main town churches: Santa Maria, San Nicolò and San Giovanni Battista. The backdrop to the contest is provided by a procession of historical characters who accompany the players through the streets of the town centre to the main square where the Palio is held. The re-enactment ends with the “Midsummer Gala”, consisting of a grand 18th century ball, which was the highlight of aristocratic life, with Lords and Ladies dressed in splendid period costume. No less important, there is also the reconstruction of everyday scenes from that period of history, including local crafts, housewives doing their chores together, such as washing clothes at the fountain, the local authorities who regulated public life, and others. Behind Cingoli 1848, lies a great deal of research into the characteristics of the 18th century period, which has been able to continue over the years, constantly adding elements every year.
* Balls are struck back and forth with a wooden cylinder, called a bracciale, worn over the forearm.