Church of Sant’Agostino [Saint Augustine]



In the Recanati area there were two Augustinian settlements, one of which, intra moenia [within the walls], has come to us by means of various historical and architectural episodes that changed its appearance. The initial work dates back to the second half of the 14th century, whilst at the end of the 15th century the portal was created in Istrian stone by Giovanni di Fiandra on a design by Giuliano da Majano. It is decorated above the keystone with a statue of Saint Augustine and with a bust of the Blessing Father. The end of the 17th century saw the transformations to the interior, supervised by the architect and scenographer Ferdinando Maria Galli from Bologna, known as il Bibbiena (1657 – 1743). Today the church has a single chamber with lateral altars, the transept covered by a cupola and the presbytery surmounted by a half-shell apse with coffering. The ceiling consists of a lunette barrel vault in low-arch camorcanna.