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Church of San Giuseppe [Saint Joseph]



Of the original structure, built in 1562, only the white stone curved portal remains to embellish the simple brickwork façade, flanked by two Tuscan pilasters. An observation of the interior, with its single, slightly longitudinal chamber, confirms that it consists of an 18th century renovation, of which the highlight is the sumptuous central gilded altarpiece, framed by four tapered columns, and the minor altars dedicated respectively to Saint Catherine Virgin and Martyr, on the left, and Saint Hyacinth, on the right. The counter-façade contains an elegant choir which is similar to the choir balconies, whilst the high altar houses an altarpiece depicting the Death of Saint Joseph, a 19th century copy of the Neapolitan Caravaggista Giovanni Battista Caracciolo known as “il Battistello” (1578-1635). Two other paintings by Caracciolo, Saint Joseph’s Dream and the Flight to Egypt, are housed in the nearby convent.