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Church of San Filippo [Saint Philip]



The first construction, started in 1665, was soon followed in 1722 by a second that saw the demolition of the first building and the creation of a second church to a design by the architect Romolo Broglio from Treia. The façade was built subsequently (1774) by the chamber architect Pietro Augustoni from Como, who designed it in 1771. It is made up of two levels, with the wall in brick and divided by a projecting trabeation. The interior consists of a single chamber, with lunette barrel vaulted ceiling and two lateral chapels on each side, interspersed with confessionals surmounted by balconies carved by Pasquale Colonnelli from Recanati. There is exteremely sumptuous gold leaf gilding on the high altar (1735) that houses the painting by Pier Simone Fanelli showing Saint Philip in the Catacombs. The four minor side chapels all have altars with altarpieces in stucco and scagliola and are richly decorated.