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Church of San Biagio [Saint Blaise]



There are records of church of San Biagio in Urbisaglia from 1195 which refer to it as a religious building linked to the Camaldolese Abbey of Fonte Avellana. In 1663 the structure was in a precarious state and the order was given for it to be demolished, and the materials to be re-used for the restoration of the parish church of San Giorgio. The church was not finally reconstructed until 1771, and at the end of the seventies of the 20th century the structure was donated to the town of Urbisaglia and today it is used as a military shrine as well as housing the museum of military armaments and uniforms. The white plastered brickwork façade is flanked by two Tuscan pilasters that reach up to the cuspidate pinnacles of the upper section.The round-arched portal is also flanked by Tuscan pilasters supporting a trabeation with a projecting moulded cornice above which there is an elliptical oculus. The single-chamber interior, which offers limited visibility due to the museum display, has an apse with calotte ceiling with a starry sky decoration subdivided into three trapezoidal segments with two trompe-l’oeil ribs and decorated with leaves, whilst the radiant monogram IHS is painted at the apex.